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Downloads videos from Facebook
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Falco Software, Inc.

Copies videos from Facebook to your PC and automatically adjusts the video quality based on your average streaming speed. Supports proxy connections, but may have issues parsing the more recently posted videos.

This tool was designed to make video downloading from Facebook as simple as possible. The program is very lightweight, intuitive and easy to use. You can download and install it on your system in just a few seconds. Besides, Free Facebook Downloader seems to be able to download videos that require you to be logged in in Facebook in order to watch them.

The program's installation process, however, may be a bit problematic for inexpert users. It tries to install three third-party tools that you probably do not want to have on your system. Moreover, the installer automatically downloads and runs additional programs without asking for your permission. Anyway, once the installation process is finished, the program runs without problems.

The program's operation is very simple - you just need to paste the video URL into the window provided and press the "Add link" button. You can also open the "Settings" window from there, which allows you to provide your Facebook log-in information (username and password) in case it is required to download certain videos. In the same window you can also provide the Proxy URL, its login and password if you happen to need them to connect to the Internet.

Unfortunately, I must mention that even though I tried to download several videos from Facebook using this program, I never succeeded. I received the "Can't parse the input link" error message each and every time I tried. Therefore, I would say that chances are that this program does not work as expected.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Intuitive
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Allows you to provide your Facebook login information
  • Allows you to provide Proxy information when required to connect to the Internet


  • Constant performance failures
  • The program's tries to install three third-party tools, and it downloads and runs additional programs without your permission
  • Does not include any help files or documentation
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